Cristina’s living

The Designer


“When I create it’s night, my design mood is full of good jazz music that inspires me in finding solutions that usually are not considered.”

The realization

Budget: 800€

Cristina is a well-established mother, wife and manager. For a long time together with her husband, she wants to renew her living, trying to enhance a console that reminds her father and which collected dust in the cellar for too long.

The challenge was to revolutionize a space with few new elements that would enhance what was already present… et voilà, a definitely fresh living with a small amount of money.

The Virtual Reality project

The Plant

Some of the chosen products

Wall mural Pelias

59,90€ / mq

Electric cotton cable

3€ / mt

Spider chandelier with 7 legs


Dimmable LED-5w bulb 2200k


Airport Library


Metal Broadway lampshade


Alasia Armchair


Lines Carpet


How it was

“Innovative, creative, effective
I met Biancorosso by chance, I thought that the offered service was based on a definitely innovative idea.”


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