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Kia’s Living

The Designer


When I create, I put functionality and character first. My mission is to translate each contribution into colors, shapes and sensations that reflect the personalities of those who live there and will have a place to call “home”.

Some of the products used

Coffee table
Round Wood


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Pouf velvet
royal blue


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Magazine rack


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TV cabinet G45


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Floor Lamp


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Table lamp


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Monstera Deliciosa


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The realization of the project

Budget: 10.000€

Kia and Riccardo are a young couple living in Milan, he is Italian, she is Swedish. Kia, in particular, had very clear ideas about what he wanted: an environment that would embrace, without taking for granted, the famous lines of Nordic design.  And that’s how the well-known references are mixed with the fashionable touches of the glamorous design of our times. The walls are true protagonists with scenographic effects and spoken stories of their important moments, their travels and their cities of the heart; a true display of memories and emotions like a real heart of the house.

The Virtual Reality project

The Map

How it was

For us, this is the second project we have entrusted to Biancorosso. After the experience with the studio, we asked Chiara to follow us, with whom we had a lot of fun and who immediately understood our tastes, interpreting them in a perfect mixture also in this room.“

Kia and Riccardo

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