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Marco’s accommodation

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"The functionality of things, which in addition to being beautiful have to tell about everyday gestures. The right management of spaces is fundamental to creating harmony in our lives, each person represents conformist places with their own characteristics and our role is to be able to grasp these and turn them into projects."




€ 14.000

Project History

Marco's idea was to invest in a property that would allow him quick and secure income with the short- or medium-term rental system. With a small but constantly controlled budget, he managed to leave nothing out by taking care of the flat in every small but important detail.

Kitchen, sleeping area, Stay

Some of the products on offer

Marco’s accommodation
Lampshade Cantia
Marco’s accommodation
Extending table Novac
Marco’s accommodation
TV cabinet Beyla
Marco’s accommodation
New Iris bed

As it was

Marco’s accommodation
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Hai bisogno di supporto? Scrivici!