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How can I find the right consultancy for me?
The customer decides the type of consultancy he or she is interested in by purchasing a 'consultancy package' from among those offered by Biancorosso Design. The consultancy package starts from the number of rooms the customer wants to design and includes a series of features according to the scheme illustrated in the pricing section.
How can I add extra services to the package I intend to buy?
If, when purchasing the consultancy, the customer wishes to add add-ons (e.g.: Virtual Reality project where not already included in the selected consultancy package), he/she may do so by contacting the Biancorosso Design service via the email address, whatsapp and/or telephone number on the site.
How many times can I request a change?
Each 'consultancy package' has a specific number of permissible changes to the design, which the customer can request against the proposals studied by the professional on the basis of what has been shared with the customer: once these changes have been completed, if the customer wishes to request other solutions from the designer, he will have to purchase an extra change at a cost of 25€ each. No extra charge will be made for changing colours on elements already defined.
What is meant by project modification?
By 'design modification' is meant a change in the furniture arrangement/composition, but also a change in the model of a single element. During an appointment, the client may modify more than one element: modification therefore means the number of times the designer is asked to change one of his proposals. By way of example but not exhaustive: let us suppose that the designer submits two hypotheses A and B to the client for the living room. A modification could be understood as completely changing the layout of the room as he is not satisfied with either one. A modification is also understood as choosing option A, but changing the sofa model, table, chairs, wall colours.
Who will follow my project?
Biancorosso Design identifies a professional designer from its network to be entrusted on a dedicated basis to the client. The designer will interact directly with the client to define - according to the characteristics of the consultancy purchased - the client's 'made-to-measure' furnishing project. Thanks to a qualified network of architects and interior designers that Biancorosso Design selects with method and care, each client is entrusted to a professional who will be his or her personal contact for the project, establishing a true confidential relationship that will accompany him or her in the definition of all aspects related to the project, finally arriving at a detailed list of products that the client will be free to purchase directly with Biancorosso Design, taking advantage of the complete turnkey service.
What information do I have to provide to start planning?
At the start of the design phase by the designer, the customer provides the updated floor plan with measurements, indication of installations present and anything else relevant to start the design work on the room. The designer may ask in itinere for an integration of measurements to better manage the client's requests.
Is it possible to request face-to-face inspections?
Yes, at the customer's request, if the customer sees the need, and for an additional charge subject to an estimate, it is possible to organise an on-site survey with one of our experts: the survey is intended as a measurement check and will be carried out during the pre-order phase, i.e. once the customer has compiled a list of the items he wishes to purchase.
What does counselling include?
The project drawn up by the designer includes the proposal of all the parts of the furniture that, according to the designer's professionalism, best enhance the environment and the customer's taste: from the modular furniture (kitchen, living room, wardrobes...) to the furnishing accessories (paintings, paint-colours, wallpaper...). The designer will also take care of the lighting as an element that enhances the environment: unless otherwise stated, lighting fixtures are always sold without a light bulb.
What furniture brands do you have? Can I choose them?
Designs are made using the more than 130 partner suppliers of Biancorosso Design: it is possible to insert products already in the client's possession (of which the client must provide photos, measurements and details at the designer's request), while it is not possible to insert other products to be purchased outside the network of partners used by Biancorosso.
How can I give the right budget to the designer?
Biancorosso Design is an online furnishing consultancy and resale service for over 130 brands: all proposals are made-to-measure, so the project budget will be free and defined directly with the professional who personally follows the customer. An available budget hypothesis serves the designer as a guide to propose furniture in line with the customer's needs.
How can I order the items you propose in the project?
At the end of the consultancy process, the customer will have the list of products (furniture and accessories) in the form of a quotation that will result from what was shared in the consultancy process with the designer: the customer is free to confirm or not the purchase of the quotation, in whole or in part. Should he decide to purchase them, he will have Biancorosso Srl as his only contact person, who will forward the orders to the partner suppliers and manage all the logistical activities on behalf of the customer, including any after-sales support (turnkey service).
Do you assemble the furniture or do I have to do it myself?
At the same time as compiling the list of products the customer intends to purchase (so-called checklist), the customer will also be able to select the transport and assembly option he wishes to avail himself of. The Administration Area of Biancorosso Design shall, at the same time as sending the proforma and payment of the supply down payment, inform the customer of the exact amount for the selected service.
How much does installation cost?
Following consultation, we handle orders, transport and assembly throughout Italy thanks to a carefully selected logistics network located throughout the country. Based on the furniture to be purchased, the customer will also receive an estimate for the transport and assembly service, which starts at € 250 for a specialised daily assembly team.
How can I access free transport & assembly?
The All Inclusive package includes the right for the customer to receive free transport and assembly services against a minimum product-only expenditure of €10,000.00 including VAT. The cost of the consultancy package does not contribute to reaching this minimum threshold.
What does flash counselling consist of?
The flash consultancy is a one-hour video call with a professional who will not elaborate any graphic design: it is a package designed for those who need limited advice on an already set and defined environment. Only the estimate of the products suggested during the video call will be elaborated and shared with the customer, which according to the professional would enhance the customer's target environment based on the information shared in the video call.
I plan to do some building work at home, do you take care of everything?
Biancorosso Design is not involved in drawing up building documents, nor in building work. The designer, if requested, can draw up the project containing building alterations, but it is the private individual who will have to identify and contact the craftsman/contractor who will carry out the work.
Will the designer give me pointers to pass on to those who will do the work?
In agreement with the customer, the designer will indicate the location of any changes to be made by the customer (by way of example but not limited to: moving sockets, walls, creating wall art,..) but will not process any building paperwork. It is up to the customer to find the company or workers who will carry out these modifications.
How is the counselling carried out?
The service is delivered entirely online: the platform through which the meetings will be conducted is at the discretion of the designer and the client, who agree on the method most congenial to them.
Do you have a physical showroom/shop?
No, the service is carried out completely online.
Can I see the furniture I have chosen?
We have the possibility to send you home the samples you have chosen together with your designer so that you can see and touch colours, finishes, textures, etc.
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