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The Ellen Palace flat



Chiara e Daria

"The idea of creating a made-to-measure space for the people who inhabit it is fundamental, so it is always essential to start from a careful analysis of needs."

"The right balance between new furniture and existing furniture, the right amount of colour and textures to tell the story and make the most of the space according to the customer's needs, without ever giving up plants as a furnishing element."




€ 60.000

Project History

We are in the heart of Turin, inside Palazzo Ellen, a historic example of 1930s architecture. The flat, located on the top floor, is distinguished by unconventional ceilings, characterised by sloping roof pitches. The choice was to follow the roof's course in order to maximise the exploitation of interior space. The result is bright rooms, where the pastel-coloured walls blend well with the elegant Hungarian oak parquet flooring. Each space has a strong personality and combines refinement and contemporary taste. The boiserie in the bedroom gives the room a timeless elegance and blends harmoniously with the floral wallpaper and the more modern materials chosen for the wall cupboards. Completing the residence are the two very different bathrooms: one modern with a more elegant look, the other a veritable explosion of colour.

Bath, Kitchen, sleeping area, Stay

Some of the products on offer

Wall lamp Hat
Wallpaper Hydrangea
Sofa Taos
Coffee table Circle
Table Torii
Spotlight Stan
Double bed Margot
Suspension Monica

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